Initial nutrition consultation : We will meet in person or on skype and discuss the questionnaire that I will have previously sent to you. You can expect to come away from this with a deeper understanding of changes you must make for your best health and a plan for how to fit it into your lifestyle! There is no time limit on this meeting, I want you to feel comfortable and informed before we part ways!


Follow up check-in meetings: I truly hope to become friends with each and every one of you! I want to know how you are doing with your plan and answer any lingering questions that may have come up on your first weeks of seeking your best health. Once you have reached our first goal, we will use these meetings to create a plan for the next goal!


I want everyone to understand that acheiving health is a journey and there will always be another peak to reach. This should not be discouraging, but exciting! Also, you will not always need me to guide you...in fact, I hope to help educate you and inspire you to learn on your own so that eventually you will be able to do all of this yourself!

*please ask about package deals on these! i want good health to be affordable for everyone and will work with you to make this possible :)



sourdough 101

sourdough 102

basics of fermentation

treats that give back

family meal planning

traditional food 101

traditional food 102

homemade is well made

whole grain preparation

fat is our friend

vegetables can be delicious

//classes are priced depending on the supplies and time needed but are from $80-$200//

*these classes can be one-on-one or discounted per person for a group! don't be afraid to ask! also, if you have an idea for a class that you would love to take please let me know and I would love to develop one for you! I love learning and challenging myself, so again, don't hesitate to ask!


you can reach me at jmargaretw@gmail.com to ask about any of these services!