photo by dave lapham

hi, i'm jillian and that is my husband, marcus. we like each other... a lot. and yes, we are that happy :)

thank you so much for stopping by my lovely home. i'd offer you a cup of tea, but alas, the internet is not capable of that type of hospitality yet. i will however, try to be hospitible in every way possible while you are visiting!

so, you'd like to know a bit more about me, eh?

well, Jesus and my husband are my two great loves. in that order, of course.

in my life there are three words that inspire my decisions.

simple. seasonal. satisfying.

these three words can make your life the best thing ever. i love food, ALOT, so of course I apply these to eating, but seriously, apply it to everything. I MEAN IT! your workouts can be these, the way you clean can be these, the books you read can be these, your weekend activities can be these, your house can be these...everything. try it!

i strongly believe that homemade is best and you may think, "Jillian, that's not simple." but, seriously, it is! whether it is deodorant (i promise i don't smell) or ice cream (my weakness), everything is better made at home. now, it takes practice to make a good loaf of bread or find the perfect formula for a cleaning solution that erases the tub ring, but by golly it is TOTALLY worth it. i fail a lot, but i also have some victories. i'll share both with you because we are friends.

i love reading and no, love is not too strong a word. more often that not i am in the middle of a book that i am unable to put down. its a problem and my husband feels left out sometimes. i'll share my favorites with you because we're friends.

i like to take pictures and am trying to getting better at remembering to take the camera out and just take them. i'll share some here with you because we're friends.

but mostly, i'll talk about food and "health". i love food and recently dragged my husband to australia just to learn from this great lady and become a trained natural chef. then i signed up for this school and became a registered holistic nutritionist! i can never stop learning, so of course, i signed up for a course in strength & conditioning to satisfy my passion for fitness. so there! food, nutrition, fitness and all things natural are what make my heart sing and i can't wait to share all of this cool knowledge with you!

to eat a freshly picked gem of the earth is my greatest pleasure and i promise it will revolutionize the way you view food and eating. i often geek out about spotting a fleetingly seasonal fruit or vegetable at the market. i read cookbooks and fitness/nutrition books in bed like others read janet evonovich novels. (people read those, right?) anyways, i digress. the point is that i'll share that joy with you, because we're friends.

i love my life and i like to share.

i'm good at sharing :)